What Is Community Association Management in Rockville, Maryland?

What Is Community Association Management in Rockville, Maryland?

Nearly 30 percent of Americans reside in a homeowners association led by community association management. An HOA boosts your property value and makes your community a great place to live. Residents pay an HOA for managers to oversee the small details of running their community.

A community association manager does several things for your HOA, including providing leadership, working with vendors, and enforcing the bylaws. Today, we're taking a closer look at how community association management can help improve life for homeowners in Rockville, MD.


A community association manager provides leadership to the HOA board by working to setting up and even running meetings. Managers work with the board of directors to develop a set of bylaws and oversee the property's common areas.

They also make sure that people pay dues on time and perform property inspections when necessary. In addition, a community association manager oversees insurance information, paperwork, and front office duties.

These individuals are the primary point of contact for any issues or problems. For example, management takes the call when a tree falls, or the power goes out.


Vendors take care of lawn and pool maintenance, street repair, and even roofing. It's up to managers to work with the homeowners association on the details of each vendor contract.

Community association management meets with the HOA board about the budget for each vendor. They also process work orders. If there's a delay, management communicates with the HOA board about any hold-up.

In addition, they also assist with vendor management. These leaders can often get the board of directors a better deal with each vendor since they manage multiple properties.

Managers also look after vendors to ensure they arrive on time and do good work. For example, if a vendor cuts down the wrong tree or damages curbs or light poles, managers handle the problem.


Each HOA has a unique set of bylaws developed for their community. Bylaws run the gambit from parking, and pets, to loud parties. Managers make certain people living under the HOA follow the rules.

They take enforcement action should someone violate the bylaws. Enforcement can include issuing warnings, fines, or even taking homeowners to small claims court. While some of these can seem extreme, it's also in the best interest of management to work out any details.

For example, management oversees the process if someone wants to build a shed on their property. They will also do a property inspection to ensure the shed is up to code.

Learn More About Community Association Management

Community association management is responsible for the smooth operation of your HOA, including providing leadership, working with vendors, and enforcing the bylaws. Knowing the management tasks is essential so you know exactly what to expect when you become part of an HOA.

Let us show you the benefits of professional community association management. Our team will leverage our years of experience to lead your HOA with a solid business sense while making your community a better place to live in Rockville, Maryland.