How to Coordinate Maintenance and Repairs for Commercial Buildings in Rockville

How to Coordinate Maintenance and Repairs for Commercial Buildings in Rockville

As U.S. office vacancy rates hover around all-time highs, landlords across the country are scrambling for ways to ensure profitability for their investments.

Timely preventive maintenance and repairs go a long way toward preserving the value of your property, attracting new tenants, and retaining existing ones.

Read on for tips about creating an effective maintenance plan for your Rockville commercial property.

Understanding the Aspects of Property Maintenance

You can't start planning until you know what you're planning for. The following are the various types of property maintenance you must accommodate in your master property management schedule:

Routine Maintenance

Routine upkeep includes general maintenance tasks that take place frequently, like sweeping and mopping floors or trash removal. Good housekeeping is essential for maintaining a clean and safe environment for your tenants and is also an OHSA requirement.

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is crucial for preventing potential breakages and major repairs. This type of maintenance occurs monthly, quarterly, or seasonally.

It may include things like:

  • Checking fire alarms
  • Roof inspections
  • Checking HVAC systems

Replacements and Repairs

Every building needs repairs eventually. Windows, plumbing fixtures, and roofs all need to be repaired or replaced occasionally.

Accidents, age, and weather damage all take their toll on your building, necessitating unplanned maintenance. Staying on top of routine and preventive maintenance tasks helps you delay these inevitable expenses.

Techniques for Managing Building Repairs and Maintenance

Regardless of your building's size or function, you must set up a commercial maintenance plan to keep things running smoothly. These are the main components to keep in mind while you're at it:

Inspect Your Property

Inspect your property inside and out and assess the risks associated with each area. Pay attention to any signs of wear and tear, and check that every aspect is functioning as it should be.

This will help you prioritize your building's shortfalls when compiling your plan.

Set up a Maintenance Schedule

Using a calendar, list all the daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly tasks involved in maintaining your building. Spread these out in a way that maximizes your budget and available time.

Work on a System

Property management software is ideal for planning and tracking your building's maintenance. It helps you keep track of work orders, tenant maintenance requests, and invoices.

Ideally, you should have a designated person for scheduling maintenance and overseeing the work. Some property owners hire an in-house team to carry out their building's maintenance, while others prefer the expert services offered by property management services.

Get Help Managing Maintenance and Repairs

Hiring an in-house team in the current economic climate is a risky affair, so it makes sense to reach out to a property management company to help you with this aspect.

PMI Potomac can help you stay abreast of maintenance and repairs at your Rockville investment properties. We are backed by years of experience and offer a wide range of commercial property management services.

These include property inspections, lease management, and more. Embrace a brighter future for your commercial properties with PMI Potomac today.